Not your typical Contractor




Some say I was born with a hammer in my hand. 


Others disagree, and say it was a framing nailer.


The truth is, I love using both.




I grew up doing property management and maintenance as a family business.  My grandfather and father were dairy farners, and I grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Salem, Oregon.


When I was young, my father started to invest in real estate, and I would ride around with him in an old milk truck full of tools and help maintain and improve the properties.


(I remember once as a kid having dreams about caulking doors and windows all night)


After graduating high school, I did all kinds of wild and fun things.  I went to West Point and Stanford, was a preschool teacher and professional writer, lived in a redwood tree, and eventually became a monk for 3 years under a Chines Qi Gong Master.


In my late twenties (2010 to be exact), I started my General Contracting company (Good Help Now) in San Francisco, and then quickly moved to Seattle, WA, where I grew the company, hired employees and subcontractors, and won 3 awards (and also did some rapping).


In the summer of 2017, I packed everything I owned into my service van ("Johnny") and drove over a thousand miles down the coast to sunny Southern California.


I took a break from contracting for a few years to build my coaching and operations business, which has been a lot of fun (


When I moved to Santa Barbara, I found a beautiful home, but it wasn't managed properly.  I spent my first year pulling my hair out, dealing with difficult contractors doing subpar work (on my beautiful home).  After that year, my landlords told me they wanted me to stay, and I proposed that they fire the property managment company and work direclty with me, which they did.


After another year of managing contractors (of my choice) to work on the home, I decided that I should bring my hammer out of retirmement and start doing some of the work myself, especially as it was hard to find contactors who understood leaks (one of my specialities back in Seattle).


It's been a pleasure to work with my hands again, and I've decided to start to offier my services to others in Santa Barbara, especially those in my Chapala neighborhood (which I love and walk frequently).


I take pride in taking care of my clients, and still providing the same (guaranteed) Good Help Now I did back in 2010.


- L Williamson


(L is my full first name & what everyone calls me)